yEd Graph Editor

yEd Graph Editor 3.18

Create and customize detailed drawings of diagrams
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Open, edit, and manage diagram data. Create custom drawings and manage chart data to structure the information and present it visually. Access the toolset for the manual adjustment of parameters or import external data for automated analysis and structure generation.

yEd Graph Editor is a powerful yet easy to use application which is written entirely in the Java programming language and allows you to quickly and effectively generate drawings and apply automatic layouts to a range of different diagrams and networks. This incredible application makes full use of the yFiles library which enables you to view, edit, optimize, draw and animate a wide range of diagrams, networks, and other graph-like structures. What is more, the program features a very simple and intuitive user interface which does not need any technical knowledge to be operated and makes this task a breeze. In addition to this the program supports working with multiple graphs simultaneously and node types that are defined using SVG vector graphics format. The new Palette tool window provides samples of both predefined as well as user-defined visual representations for nodes and edges which allows for instant access to a number of graph elements of each kind that have different (visual) characteristics. All in all, if you are looking for a really comprehensive editing and creation software, yEd Graph Editor is perfect for you.

Silvana Mansilla
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